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Unlock Your Peace, Happiness, and Freedom Through Non-Mystical Awakening and Embodiment Meditation

Non‑Mystical Awakening


For thousands of years people have had experiences they couldn't explain, and were left to describe their experience using the language and culture they were in.

To keep my message simple and easy to understand, I purposely avoid using words that often mean different things to different people and cultures (like "spirit," "soul," "god(s)," etc).

Emotional Freedom

Awakening is the experience that gives you a different view on life and the ability to counter and even stop negatives thoughts from taking over, replacing your negative emotions with abiding calm, happiness, even joy and bliss.

Through my own Awakening experience I became free from overwhelming anxiety and crippling panic attacks.

Scientifically Proven

There are many scientifically-proven benefits of Awakening:

  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Improved brain function
  • Increased emotional resiliance
  • Enhanced relationships
  • Improved physical health

About Me

Richard Pickett Profile Photo Richard Pickett Profile Photo

Hi, I'm omni!

I'm a "guide by your side" for your inner growth, drawing on my 25-year mindfulness and 12-year meditation practice, which culminating in an awakening that freed me from afflictive thoughts and emotions, transforming my entire life.

I'd love to work with you "where you are," and help you achieve the freedom and peace you already are.

Just Starting?

You'll find the following articles as great starting points for Meditation and Awakening.

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