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Unlock Your Peace, Happiness, and Freedom Through Non-Mystical Awakening and Embodiment Meditation

"Are You Ready to Deepen Your Inner Growth?"

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"Hi, I'm omni!"

I've dedicated my life to helping people on their path of inner growth with the goal of Awakening.

After decades of cripling anxiety I faced my most painful challenge. By maintaining my spiritual practice, without knowing how things would turn out, I continued through the crisis to suddenly Awaken from the illusions of this world and become free from afflictive thoughts and emotions - transforming my entire life!

Using the deep insights gained from my own Awakening experience and 25 years of practice, I'd love to work with you where you are, and help you experience the freedom and peace you seek is who you already are.

"Schedule your time with me now, I'd love to see how we can work together!"

- omni pada

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My Approach To Your Inner Growth

Our actions and habits are run by our beliefs. To achieve true, permanent change, we have to change our beliefs.

Our beliefs are formed from our experiences. Live-altering changes only come from deep, profound experiences.

To achieve these life-altering changes, I work with my clients to experience their life in a different, deeper way.

I share from my direct experience, not from theory. Working together, you'll develop your own experiences to base your spiritual walk on.

To develop a constant abiding happiness and contentment, we work together to directly experience your base nature, which is unending peace.

To reduce and eliminate your stress and anxiety, we practice specific techniques developed over 2,500 years ago and backed by modern medical science.

What You Can Expect

Personalized Practices

We work together on your journey of personal growth and insight.

  • Transform your life into one of balance, purpose, and inner harmony
  • Rooted in the wisdom of ancient Eastern philosopy
  • Enriched with modern medically-based science

Help Throughout Your Journey

We develop your holistic and integrated practice.

  • Independent of any specific religion
  • For new and experienced practitioners alike
  • Starting with where you are
  • Guided to profound self-discovery

Discover Your Power Within

You are the peace, love, and power you seek.

  • Gain deep inner peace
  • Heal your relationships
  • Develop clarity of mind
  • Have the strength to handle every obstacle

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