Weekly Awakening Zoom

Table of Contents

My Goal

My awakening has been over 11 years now.

My goal in starting this site, and doing these zooms, is to help people on the same path to awakening.

The Time

Saturdays, @ 10:00 am US Central Time

Other Time Zones for your convenience:

  • 8:00 am US West Coast Time
  • 11:00 am US East Coast Time
  • 3:00 pm GMT
  • 8:30 pm India Standard Time

The Content

  • I cover specific concepts and practices I found helpful in my own awakening.
  • I take questions through the week and answer them during the zoom.
  • I enjoy an open format and will be happy to have a longer discussion as needed.

The Format

  • We'll start with a few minutes of introductions, so people can enjoy meeting each other.
  • Then we'll have a 1-minute silent meditation. I will have already meditated prior to the zoom, my focus during this 1 minute meditation will be to share the peace and happiness that is present in each moment with everyone on the zoom before starting the discussion.
  • After meditation, we'll either go through the questions of the week, or have a discussion around the concept or practice I will share, and then go through the questions.

The Recordings

It will be recorded and be made available here on the website for those who couldn't make it.

How To Join